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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No.Company NameIndustry
001Asia Media Monitors Sdn BhdAdvertising / Media
0021001 Technologies Sdn BhdICT / Telco
0037-Eleven Malaysia Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
004A M-Office Group Industries Sdn BhdManufacturing
005Ace1 Champion GroupInsurance
006Acer Sales & Services Sdn BhdICT / Telco
007Admiral Marina BerhadF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
008ADT Services (M) Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
009Advanced Ceramics Technology (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
010Afiintra Technologies Sdn BhdICT / Telco
011Agency Force, Prudential Assurance Malaysia BerhadInsurance
012Agensi SabaInsurance
013AGR Smart (M) Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
014AgrobankBanking/ Financial Services
015Ahmad Zaki Sdn BhdConstruction/ Property
016AIC Exhibition Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
017AirAsia BerhadAutomotive / Aviation
018All-Media Technology Integration (M) Sdn BhdICT / Telco
019Alloy Consolidated Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
020Alloyplas Technology Sdn BhdManufacturing
021Altogether Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
022AM Sales & Marketing Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
023AmcorpGroup BerhadDiversified / Others
024American Air Filter Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.Manufacturing
025AmLife Insurance Berhad (AmAssurance)Insurance
026Amstar Vision Sdn BhdInsurance
027Ann Joo GroupManufacturing
028APM Automotive Holdings BerhadAutomotive / Aviation
029ASE Electronics (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
030Asia Assistance Network (M) Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
031Asia e universityEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
032Assure EnterpriseInsurance
033A-TEAM Resources Sdn BhdManufacturing Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
035AXA AFFIN Life Insurance BerhadInsurance
036Axis Identity Group (Management) Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
037Azdaman Engineering Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
038B Braun Medical Industries Sdn BhdHealthcare / Science & Technology
039Balda Solutions Malaysia Sdn BhdManufacturing
040Bank Islam Investment Management Berhad (BIMB Invest)Banking/ Financial Services
041Bank Islam Malaysia BerhadBanking/ Financial Services
042Bank Muamalat Malaysia BhdBanking/ Financial Services
043Bank Negara MalaysiaBanking/ Financial Services
044Bard Sdn BhdManufacturing
045BASF Asia-Pacific Service Centre Sdn BhdOutsourcing / Shared Services
046Basis Bay Info Solutions Sdn BhdICT / Telco
047BAT ASPAC Service Centre Sdn BhdOutsourcing / Shared Services
048Berjaya Pizza Company Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
049Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
050Berjaya Times Square Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
051Berjaya University College of HospitalityEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
052Bincho Biotech Sdn BhdHealthcare / Science & Technology
053Biovista Lifesciences Sdn BhdHealthcare / Science & Technology
054Biz Connexion Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
055BK Line Global Solutions Sdn BhdICT / Telco
056BlessedOne Wealth Planners Sdn BhdInsurance
057Box-Pak (Malaysia) BerhadManufacturing
058BRAINet (M) Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
059Brandt InternationalOutsourcing / Shared Services
060Bumi Medik Artificial Limb Center Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
061Business Information Technology (M) Sdn BhdICT / Telco
062Business Media International Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
063Caidmark Sdn BhdICT / Telco
064Capital Dynamics Asset Management Sdn BhdBanking/ Financial Services
065Capital Dynamics Sdn BhdBanking/ Financial Services
066Cardas Research and Consulting Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
067Carrefour MalaysiaRetail / Merchandise
068Celcom (Malaysia) BerhadICT / Telco
069Celframe Dynamics Sdn BhdICT / Telco
070Century Medical Centre Sdn Bhd / Groway (M) Sdn BhdHealthcare / Science & Technology
071Certis CISCO Security Pte LtdDiversified / Others
072Chain Spirit Sdn BhdICT / Telco
073Charoen Pokphand Group MalaysiaManufacturing
074Chemical Company of Malaysia BerhadHealthcare / Science & Technology
075Cheng & CoDiversified / Others
076Chiyoda Integre Co (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
077Chuanplus Industries Sdn BhdManufacturing
078CIMB Aviva Assurance BerhadBanking/ Financial Services
079CIMB GroupBanking/ Financial Services
080Cisco SystemsICT / Telco
081Citigroup Transaction Services (M) Sdn BhdBanking/ Financial Services
082CKE Holding Sdn BhdManufacturing
083Click Network Sdn BhdICT / Telco
084CMA CGM Malaysia Sdn BhdTransportation / Logistics / Utilities
085Colourman Online Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
086Comfori Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
087Construction Research Institute of MalaysiaConstruction/ Property
088Convex (M) Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
089Coreventus (M) Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
090Cosmopoint Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
091CP Ardent Advisory Sdn BhdInsurance
092CRE8 Business CentreDiversified / Others
093Cronier Wines (M) Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
094Crystal Safety Glass (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
095CTIC Corporation Sdn BhdOutsourcing / Shared Services
096CustomWare Asia Pacific Sdn BhdICT / Telco
097CyberSecurity MalaysiaICT / Telco
098Daikin Airconditioning (M) Sdn. Bhd.Manufacturing
099Datacom Southeast AsiaICT / Telco
100Dekad Ombak Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
101Delicious Barbeque Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
102Deloitte Consulting Malaysia Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
103Deloitte KassimChanDiversified / Others
104Despark Auto (HQ) Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
105Digicert Sdn BhdICT / Telco
106Digistar Holdings Sdn BhdICT / Telco
107DIMENSION360 SDN BHDDiversified / Others
108Diners Club (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.Banking/ Financial Services
109Diversified Gateway BerhadICT / Telco
110DK Composites Sdn BhdManufacturing
111DK Leather Corporation BerhadManufacturing
112DKSH Malaysia Sdn BhdManufacturing
113DNC Automation (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
114DNP Clothing Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
115Do Re Mi Services & Rental Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
116Dome Café Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
117Dommal Food Services Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
118DRB-HICOM BerhadDiversified / Others
119Dreamcatcher Consulting Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
120DSGNpholio Consultancy Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
121Enterprise AsiaDiversified / Others
122EON Bank GroupBanking/ Financial Services
123ePromode Sdn BhdAdvertising / Media
124Epson Toyocom (Malaysia) Sdn BhdManufacturing
125Equity Trust (Labuan) LimitedBanking/ Financial Services
126Erican Language Centre Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
127Etain Event Management Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
128Eu Yan Sang (1959) Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
129Everhome International (M) Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
130Eworld Internet SolutionsICT / Telco
131Exact Asia Development Centre Sdn BhdICT / Telco
132Favelle Favco Cranes (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
133Finesse Moulding (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
134Finisar Malaysia Sdn BhdICT / Telco
135First Engineering Plastics (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
136First Online (M) Sdn BhdICT / Telco
137Flexedia Solutions Sdn BhdAdvertising / Media
138Flextronics Technology (Penang) Sdn BhdManufacturing
139Flying Frogz Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
140Forerunner ClubInsurance
142Gagan (M) Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
143Game Pro Network Sdn BhdICT / Telco
144Gatelink Communication Sdn. Bhd.ICT / Telco
145GEMS Malaysia Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
146Genetec Technology BerhadManufacturing
147GIS Solutions Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
148Gloria Jean's CoffeesF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
149GMA Marketing Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
150GMP KaisarDiversified / Others
151Goldmount Technology Sdn BhdHealthcare / Science & Technology
152Good Response Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
153Great Vision Associates Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
154Grolier (Malaysia) Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
155GS Paper & Packaging Sdn BhdManufacturing
156Guidance View Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
157Hanodale Technologies Sdn BhdICT / Telco
158Hans Advisory & Trust Sdn BhdBanking/ Financial Services
159HBG Solutions Sdn BhdInsurance
160Hewlett-Packard (M) Sdn BhdICT / Telco
162Hock Sang Travel Centre (M) Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
163Home TreasuresRetail / Merchandise
164Honda Malaysia Sdn BhdAutomotive / Aviation
165Hong Leong Assurance Bhd - Agency DevelopmentInsurance
166Hotel Grand ContinentalF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
167Hotel Sri PetalingF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
168Hovid BhdManufacturing
169Hpmt Industries Sdn BhdManufacturing
170I Synergy Universal Sdn BhdICT / Telco
171ICT Zone Sdn BhdICT / Telco
172Ikhasas Sdn BhdConstruction/ Property
173Impressive Communications Sdn BhdICT / Telco
174Indah Water Konsortium Sdn. Bhd.Transportation / Logistics / Utilities
175ING Dynamic Deviant AgencyInsurance
176Ingenious Media Sdn BhdAdvertising / Media
177Inmagine Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
178InnoChannel Sdn BhdICT / Telco
179International Islamic University MalaysiaEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
180Inti College Subang JayaEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
181Inti University CollegeEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
182IOI Corporation BerhadDiversified / Others
183iTrain (M) Sdn BhdICT / Telco
184I-Xeon MSCICT / Telco
185Jaya Nets Sdn BhdManufacturing
186Jetcan MHE Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
187Jetcom ServicesDiversified / Others
188JFPS Group (M) Sdn BhdDiversified / Others Sdn. Bhd.Diversified / Others
190Johnson Controls (M) Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
191Johnson Controls (M) Sdn Bhd - Sales & ServicesDiversified / Others
192Johnson Controls Automotive Holding (M) Sdn BhdAutomotive / Aviation
193Jotun (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
194Juris Technologies Sdn BhdICT / Telco
195Just Mobile Sdn BhdICT / Telco
196JW Marriot Hotel Kuala LumpurF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
197Kannal Solutions Sdn BhdICT / Telco
198KEA Studios Sdn BhdICT / Telco
199Kenanga Investment Bank BerhadBanking/ Financial Services
200Khoo Nee KeanInsurance
201Kian Joo Can Factory BerhadManufacturing
202Kintetsu Integrated Air Services Sdn BhdTransportation / Logistics / Utilities
203Knowledge Group of CompaniesEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
204Knowledgecom Corporation Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
205Kompakar Inc BerhadICT / Telco
206Konica Minolta Glass Tech (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
207KPJ International CollegeEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
208Krista Education Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
209KUB Malaysia BerhadDiversified / Others
210Kum Hoi Engineering Industries Sdn BhdManufacturing
211KVC Industrial Supplies Sdn BhdManufacturing
212Laura Chong's Agency, Great Eastern Life Ass (M) BhdInsurance
213LB Aluminium BerhadManufacturing
214LED Innovation (M) Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
215Leno Marketing (M) Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
216LFP Solution ConsultancyInsurance
217Life CollegeEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
218Lifetech Net Sdn BhdICT / Telco
219Linguaphone Distributors Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
220Loh & Loh Constructions Sdn BhdConstruction/ Property
221Love On Wheels HealthcareHealthcare / Science & Technology
222Mahkota Medical Centre Sdn BhdHealthcare / Science & Technology
223Malayan Banking BerhadBanking/ Financial Services
224Malaysia Airports Holdings BerhadTransportation / Logistics / Utilities
225Malaysia Steel Works (KL) BerhadManufacturing
226Malaysian Agrifood Corporation BerhadDiversified / Others
227Malaysian Institute of ArtEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
228Manulife Technology & Services Sdn BhdICT / Telco
229Masterskill Education Group BerhadEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
230Mawar Group of EducationEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
231Max Million Advisory Services (Prudential)Insurance
232Maxis Mobile Sdn BhdICT / Telco
233Maxnt IT Resources Sdn BhdICT / Telco
234McLaren Saksama MalaysiaICT / Telco
235MDEC - Accelteam Sdn BhdICT / Telco
236MDEC - Codemasters Studios Sdn BhdICT / Telco
237MDEC - Emerio (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.ICT / Telco
238MDEC - Les' Copaque Sdn. Bhd.ICT / Telco
239MDEC - Monster Technologies Malaysia Sdn BhdICT / Telco
240MDEC - Nexbis Sdn BhdICT / Telco
241MDEC - Pulse Group PLCICT / Telco
242MDEC - SHOCK3D! Sdn BhdICT / Telco
243MDEC - Speedminer Sdn BhdICT / Telco
244MDEC - TMS Software Sdn BhdICT / Telco
245MDEC - TriAset Sdn BhdICT / Telco
246Media Hub Connection Shd BhdAdvertising / Media
247Media Prima BerhadAdvertising / Media
248Melium Group of companyRetail / Merchandise
249Metronic Global BerhadICT / Telco
250MetTube Sdn BhdManufacturing
251Mexter Technology BhdICT / Telco
252Micro House Sdn BhdICT / Telco
253Minetech Resources BerhadDiversified / Others
254ML DistributorsDiversified / Others
255Moem Holdings Sdn BhdManufacturing
256Motorola Technology Sdn BhdManufacturing
257MPH Bookstores Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
258MSP Hitect Sdn BhdICT / Telco
259Multi Wireless Sdn BhdICT / Telco
260Multicentric Technology Sdn BhdICT / Telco
261Multimedia Development Corporation (MSC Pavilion)ICT / Telco
262MunchWorld Marketing Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
263My Bonus Marketing NetworkDiversified / Others
264mYogaDiversified / Others
265Naza Corporation Sdn BhdAutomotive / Aviation
266Neowave Sdn BhdICT / Telco
267Net Onboard Sdn BhdICT / Telco
268Neural Group of CompaniesDiversified / Others
269NextVIEW Sdn BhdICT / Telco
270Nielsen Company Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
271Niju Corporation Sdn BhdICT / Telco
272Nitto Denko (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
273Northport (Malaysia) BhdTransportation / Logistics / Utilities
274Nuovo Paradigm Sdn BhdInsurance
275OCI Energy Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
276OCK Setia Engineering Sdn BhdICT / Telco
277ON SemiconductorManufacturing
278One World Treasure Sdn. Bhd.Diversified / Others
279OPUS IT Services (M) Sdn BhdOutsourcing / Shared Services
280Padini Holdings BerhadRetail / Merchandise
281Parkson Corporation Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
282Pecca Leather Sdn BhdManufacturing
283Pelangi Publishing Group BhdDiversified / Others
284Perodua Manufacturing Sdn BhdAutomotive / Aviation
285PetronasDiversified / Others
286PhillipCapital MalaysiaBanking/ Financial Services
287PJ Development Holdings Sdn BhdConstruction/ Property
288PLUS Expressways BerhadTransportation / Logistics / Utilities
289Pos Ad Sdn BhdAdvertising / Media
290Pradonet Corporation Sdn BhdICT / Telco
291Premium Liquid Assets Sdn BhdInsurance
292Prestar Resouces BerhadManufacturing
293Price Solutions Sdn BhdBanking/ Financial Services
294Printer and Media Supplies Sdn BhdICT / Telco
295Proton Holdings BerhadAutomotive / Aviation
296PruBSN Takaful BerhadInsurance
297Prudential Assurance Malaysia BerhadInsurance
298Pruvidence Organisation Sdn BhdInsurance
299Public Bank BerhadBanking/ Financial Services
300Qualitas Medical Group Sdn BhdHealthcare / Science & Technology
301R&A Telecommunication Sdn BhdICT / Telco
302R.E.A.L Education Group Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
303Radicare (M) Sdn BhdHealthcare / Science & Technology
304Raffles Education GroupEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
305RamRais & PartnersICT / Telco
306RAPID KLTransportation / Logistics / Utilities
307RBC Dexia Investor Services (M) Sdn BhdBanking/ Financial Services
308REDtone Telecommunications Sdn BhdICT / Telco
309Redynamics Asia Sdn BhdICT / Telco
310Reliance Pacific BerhadF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
311Renesas Semiconductor KL Sdn BhdManufacturing
312Rentwise (M) Sdn. Bhd.ICT / Telco
313RFS Services (Prudential)Insurance
314RHB Banking GroupBanking/ Financial Services
315Robomatics S.E.A Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
316Rosso Index (M) Sdn BhdICT / Telco
317S & I Wealth ManagementInsurance
318S.E. Tan & CoDiversified / Others
319Safeguards Securicor Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
320Samadhi Retreats Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
321Samsung Electronics Display (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
322Sands Consulting Sdn BhdICT / Telco
323Sanmina-SCI Systems (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
324Scandic Corporation (M) Sdn BhdICT / Telco
325Scicom (MSC) Sdn BhdOutsourcing / Shared Services
326Scicom Academy Sdn BhdOutsourcing / Shared Services
327SCM Professional Centre Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
328Scope International (M) Sdn BhdOutsourcing / Shared Services
329Scrieve Wealth ManagementInsurance
330Seal Incorporated BerhadConstruction/ Property
331Secret Recipe Cakes & Cafe Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
332Securities Commission MalaysiaBanking/ Financial Services
333See Hoy Chan Sdn. Berhad GroupConstruction/ Property
334Sengheng Electric (KL) Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
335Sensata Technologies (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
336Serba Dinamik Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
337SGL Carbon Sdn BhdManufacturing
338Shangri-La Hotel (KL) Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
339Sigma Technology Sdn BhdICT / Telco
340Silterra Malaysia Sdn BhdManufacturing
341Silverlake System Sdn BhdICT / Telco
342Sime Darby Holdings BerhadDiversified / Others
343SL Information System Sdn BhdICT / Telco
344SLP Traders Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
345SMART SCREEN (M) SDN BHDDiversified / Others
346Smoff Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
347SNM Technologies (M) Sdn BhdICT / Telco
348Somthai Paper Industry Sdn BhdManufacturing
349Sony EMCS (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.Manufacturing
350Soon Soon GroupManufacturing
351SP Setia BhdConstruction/ Property
352Spirit AeroSystems Malaysia Sdn BhdAutomotive / Aviation
353SRG Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd.Outsourcing / Shared Services
354SSF Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
355Star RFM Sdn BhdAdvertising / Media
356Star Team Prudential BSN Takaful BerhadInsurance
357Stats Chippac (M) Sdn BhdManufacturing
358STMicroelectronics Sdn BhdManufacturing
359Strand Aerospace Malaysia Sdn BhdAutomotive / Aviation
360Studylink Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
361Sunpower Malaysia Manufacturing Sdn BhdManufacturing
362Suruhanjaya Syarikat MalaysiaDiversified / Others
363Sushi Kin Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
364SWM Wealth (Insurance Agency)Insurance
365Syndes TechnologiesICT / Telco
366Syntomos Technologies Sdn BhdICT / Telco
367Syntronic Malaysia Sdn BhdICT / Telco
368TA Investment Management BhdBanking/ Financial Services
369Tan Chong Motor Holdings BerhadAutomotive / Aviation
370Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
371Taylor Nelson Sofres Malaysia Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
372Taylor's Education GroupEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
373Techninier Sdn BhdICT / Telco
374Technodex BerhadICT / Telco
375Tele Dynamics Sdn BhdICT / Telco
376Telekom Malaysia BerhadICT / Telco
377Telesupply Sdn BhdICT / Telco
378Tentacle Technologies Msc Sdn BhdICT / Telco
379Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn BhdRetail / Merchandise
380TH Technologies Sdn BhdConstruction/ Property
381The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Malaysia) Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
382The IA GroupDiversified / Others
383The Legend Group of Hotels & ResortsF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
384The New Straits Times Press (M) BerhadAdvertising / Media
385The Ritz-Carlton Kuala LumpurF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
386The Styling PavillionEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
387The Vision GroupDiversified / Others
388The Westin Langkawi Resort & SpaF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
389Three Sixty FinancialInsurance
390Tim Bodycare Training CentreEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
391TMC International Consultancy Sdn BhdInsurance
392TNT Express Worldwide (M) Sdn BhdTransportation / Logistics / Utilities
393Tomei Consolidated BerhadRetail / Merchandise
394Top Glove Group of CompaniesManufacturing
395Top Thermo Manufacturing (M) Sdn. Bhd.Manufacturing
396Touch 'n Go Sdn BhdICT / Telco
397TT Vision Technologies Sdn BhdICT / Telco
398U C Mas Education Corporation Sdn BhdEducation / Training / Graduate Programs
399UEM GroupConstruction/ Property
400Unified Communications Sdn. Bhd.ICT / Telco
401Unisem (M) BerhadManufacturing
402Usana Health ScienceHealthcare / Science & Technology
403VidaSprint Sdn BhdICT / Telco
404Viewtech International Sdn.Bhd.ICT / Telco
405Vision Technology Consulting Sdn BhdICT / Telco
406Vivo Security & Automation Sdn BhdDiversified / Others
407VKA Wealth Planners Sdn BhdInsurance
408Vknow Systems Sdn BhdICT / Telco
409VTS Consultants and Engineering (M) Sdn BhdDiversified / Others Sdn BhdF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
411WCT BerhadConstruction/ Property
412Wealthcare Management and ConsultancyInsurance
413Webx Media SolutionICT / Telco
414Wen Ken GroupHealthcare / Science & Technology
415Wissen World Sdn BhdICT / Telco
416World Health Organization - Global Service CentreOutsourcing / Shared Services
417Worldtech Solutions Sdn BhdICT / Telco
418Wynet Solutions Sdn BhdICT / Telco
419Xcellink Sdn BhdOutsourcing / Shared Services
420X-Fab Sarawak Sdn BhdManufacturing
421Xybase Sdn BhdICT / Telco
422Xyratex ( Malaysia) Sdn BhdManufacturing
423Ye Chiu Metal Smelting Sdn BhdManufacturing
424YTL HotelsF&B / Hospitality / Tourism
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